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The good cat shop started off with a group of friends who shared their love for their feline companions. We thought of spreading the cat love across the world through our products that had our feline friend in some way or the other. The shop aims at being the one stop store for you and your feline friend and if you have already browsed through our products then you would definitely know that it takes passion and love to bring these things together.

A group of cat lovers and enthusiasts we enjoyed doing this but some of us were so engrossed that we could hear an occasional purr. They might have slowly transformed themselves into their feline counterparts. Though not bodily may be but I doubt. And some of us are on the verge of. Let's meet the cats of the Good Cat Shop.
Veronica Wright
Nataly Robinson
Fiona Long
UI Specialist
Thomas Campbell
Gabriel Henry
Web Designer
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The good cats need constant suggestions and feedbacks so that we can bring out the cat in you or may be you can bring out the cat in us.
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